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Uvinneco takes about 5 minutes to install. All you have to do is remove the old tap end and screw in the Uvinneco instead. All set!
No tools

Classic water 

Contains chlorine

Forms bacteria

Bad smell and taste

Polluted water


Decrease chlorine

Kills 99,9% of bacteria

Creates structural water

Improves smell and taste

No more

Say goodbye to your cleaning routine. Forget about limescale on your kitchen sink or water tap. No more calcite in your kettle. Uvinneco changes limescale to aragonit. Aragonit is a soft white powder harmless to the human body. You can clean it easily using a kitchen cloth.

No filters

Enjoy everyday life without having to buy new water filters or cartridges. Save money and focus on more important things.

the water

UVINNECO is an eco friendly product that purifies water. From now on, you can stop buying water in plastic bottles. Think green.



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Two water purification technologies 
in one product

Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria

No cartridges or filters

No electric cables

No batteries

Less chlorine

Reduces limescale

Saves water by 50%







No electric cables

No batteries

Don't pollute your surroundings with plastic.
Drink purified tap water.

Worldwide, we produce approximately 400 million tons of plastic waste annually*. A large part of this waste consists of plastic bottles and disposable plastic cups. By using UVINNECO, you help protect your environment from plastic waste and save time and money associated with recycling PET bottles.
*Source: weforum.org

Clean water is the essence
of beauty and health.

Without water, life on Earth would not be possible. All sources state that the human body is mainly composed of water (approximately 65% of the total weight of a person). Clean water is the essence of health and good hydration of the scalp and body. UVINNECO not only has a beneficial effect on internal hydration, it helps mitigate skin problems such as psoriasis (psoriasis), dry, irritated skin and eczema. Significantly reduces the amount of chlorine in water (up to 60%).

Explore the individual parts of the product

Uvinneco consists of 4 main parts: rotary joint for comfortable handling, micro turbine, UVC and UVA diodes and Kinetic Reactor.

Rotary joint (360°)

With the help of the rotary joint, you can easily direct the water flow in the desired direction.

Micro turbine

Uvinneco is equipped with its own micro turbine powered by a stream of water. This means that you do not need to plug it into the mains or use batteries.

UVC/UVA Water sterilization

Uvinneco uses UV and UVA rays to disinfect water, which remove up to 99.9% of bacteria.

Kinetic Reactor

The final purification of the water is carried out by the action of physical forces. It reduces the amount of chlorine in the water, effectively destroys bacteria, turns scale into aragonite (a white powder).

A revolution in water purification is coming

Uvinneco is a revolutionary product designed for water purification that combines 2 technologies - water sterilization through UVC and UVA rays and water purification using the Kinetic Reactor.
The product is equipped with a rotary joint. You can easily direct the flow of water in the desired direction. Installation is very simple. Just remove the old tap end and install UVINNECO instead.

Suitable for a small M22/M24 tap

Suitable for a tall M22/M24 tap

Rotary joint (360°)

Adjustable tilt up to 25°


Carefree water purification technology

Rotary joint (360°)

Micro turbine

Mikro generátor

UVC/UVA rays

Kinetic Reactor

Sterilization of water with UVC and UVA rays

Water sterilization through UVC and UVA rays (UVC: 270-280nm, UVA: 395-405nm) helps disinfect tap water. The effectiveness against all viruses, bacteria and parasites is up to 99.99%.

Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria

No cartridges or filters

No electric cables

No batteries

Water purification by physical forces

The second stage of water purification uses hydrodynamic cavitation, oxidation and degassing. Thanks to a specially designed part called the Kinetic Reactor, Uvinneco can deform the bodies of bacteria cells. This will significantly increase the effectiveness of chlorine, which will more easily penetrate into the body of the bacterial cell. At the same time, it reduces the amount of chlorine in the water by up to 60%. The Kinetic Reactor transforms scale into a powder form called aragonite, which does not pose a health risk to the body. It removes heavy metals from water by strong oxidation. The Kinetic Reactor regulates the water flow at a constant 5l/min, saving up to 50% of water costs.

Kills up to 99.9% of bacteria

Less chlorine 
in water

Reduces limescale

Save water 
by 50%



Simple and safe purchase

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87 €

including VAT


30 DAY

money back guarantee


UVINNECO warranty


Kinetic Reactor warranty

Frequently asked questions

Can Uvinneco be mounted on any faucet?

UVINNECO can be installed on M22 and M24 batteries, which are the most common battery sizes.

Does the product also have filter inserts that need to be regularly replaced?

The product does not require water filters or cartridges. However we recommend to replace the Kinetic Reactor annually.

What is the product warranty or expiration date?

The product warranty is 2 years, and the Kinetic Reactor attachment must be replaced every year for proper functioning.

Will Uvinneco kill all bacteria and viruses in water?

Uvinneco kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. No product can guarantee 100% destruction of viruses and bacteria. UVINNECO significantly reduces the risk of infections originating from drinking water.

How is Uvinneco installed?

Very easily, like any classic faucet end. In addition to the product, the package also includes assembly instructions.

How many liters of water can Uvinneco clean?

Uvinneco consists of two technologies, from which UVC sterilization cleans approximately 90,000 liters of water. The Kinetic Reactor can withstand approximately 45,000 liters of water.

Do I need a battery or a charger to provide an electric energy to the product?

No. Uvinneco has a built-in micro-turbine, which itself produces electricity for the needs of the UVC diod.

Can the product be installed on faucets with a circulation water heater that is located in the kitchen under the sink?

The product is not suitable for installation on taps that are connected to a circulation water heater. It can be installed on taps that have their own heater and on flow-through sanitary water heaters that are heated by gas.


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